Cozy Belgian Ale

caramelized sugar
dried plums

A beer that is a tad sweet with dried dark fruit flavors, like drinking a beer Old Fashioned. A Belgian-style beer that is double the fun. 7.3%

Story Behind the Name
Officially this is a Belgian Dubbel, so we named it the Flemish word for beer, and named it twice. (Actually our brilliant friend Steve named this one too.) We love the double entendre, and it just so happens our original wifi password was "beerbeer" and so the coincidence makes us smile.
Evening beer, especially good on cloudy rainy days
Official Style
Belgian Dubbel
Why We Don't Call It That
The pronunciation is tricky, and can make people feel stupid when they are ordering and unsure how to pronounce the word. We don't have a Belgian Pale (the single) on the menu so saying it is a double of anything doesn't really help describe it.
If you like...
Belgian beers, Old Fashioneds, sweet bourbon drinks, drinks other than beer, hard candy
Aromas & Flavors
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