British Hoppy Beer

brown sugar
dried orange
a bit bitter

A richer, more bitter version of One, with a classic English flavor- a bit like the rascally brewery dog it is named for. 6.1%

Story Behind the Name
English style IPA (the malt and tasting hops are English), named after the great English Prime Minister (and optimist) Winston Chruchill, whose nickname was The Bulldog. Plus its named after Barley, the brewery bulldog.
After work, great with food, on a chillier evening
Official Style
English IPA
Why We Don't Call It That
Most people do not know the difference between an English and American IPA. In fact there are more malts in the English style that make this beer attractive even to people who say they don't like IPAs.
If you like...
Maris Otter Pale, Crystal Medium, Wheat, Amber & Crystal Dark
Target, East Kent Goldings
English Ale
Hazelnut Brown
Aromas & Flavors
Malt to balance out the hops, burnt caramel, toffee, herbally, black licorice
Key Comparisons
A dark, more flavorful and complex version of One with a bit more hops added
Other Notes