Hello, World!

Bavarian Bright Lager

slightly sweet
slightly fruity

A subtle beer with a full body. It is slightly sweet, lightly fruity with a grainy flavor. It’s a great introduction to craft beer or, for avid beer-drinkers, a great introduction to the evening. 4.9%

Story Behind the Name
Computer programmer types, like our founders, will recognize the friendly name right away. Famous computer scientist Brian Kernighan wrote the world’s first “Hello World” program, a simple program that said “Hello World” to teach his new programming language (called C):
#include <stdio.h>
    printf("hello, world\n");

The tradition was born and almost every book to teach a language started with a similar “Hello World” program. We consider this beer an introduction to the world of craft beer: simple, easy to understand and welcoming. It also starts with “Hell” to refer to the beer style Helles. We added capitalization and punctuation because we’re also grammar geeks.
Introduction to new beer drinkers, any time, any day
Official Style
Munich Helles Lager

It’s Munich because it was invented in Munich and, traditionally, must include Munich malt. Helles means “light” or “bright” in German. I like “bright” better because it’s more positive and we use Bavarian because Munich is in Bavaria and for the alliteration.

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Aromas & Flavors
Light fruit, light sweet, grainy, crackers, medium body, subtle, hint of bubble gum; lemon
Key Comparisons
Has more complexity than Check, it’s a bit sweeter and grainy
Other Notes