Pacific Northwest Style IPA

Pacific Northwest

This beer is named after Moxee, Washington, where all the hops in it were grown, and a particular kind of determination. 6.1%

Story Behind the Name
It’s named after Moxee, Washington where all the hops for the beer were grown (in fact 77% of hops from the US are grown here). We love the double entendre.
Year round beer, a hop-lover’s beer
Official Style
Northwest IPA
Why We Don't Call It That
If you like...
IPAs, bitter beers
2-row, Crystal, Munich
Simcoe, Chinook & Columbus
Califoria Ale
Aromas & Flavors
Pine needles, fresh cut grass, floral, Pacific Northwest, long finish
Key Comparisons
Similar backbone to Zest, but hops make it more piney and woodsy vs. citrusy
Other Notes
We try to avoid using style names else everyone will only drink IPAs and not experiment with other beers, but yes, this is an IPA. It’s a late 20th Century IPA, so it has the piney, resin-y aroma and flavor from the hops that were popularized by American craft brewers at the time. The hops are the key component of this beer but it still has a body to balance the hops. It’s named after Moxee, Washington, where all the hops for this beer were grown. We are very proud to have Yakima, now the world’s largest hop-growing region in the world (!), in our home state and the least Yakima, specifically Moxee, deserves is to have a beer named after it. I wanted to make an IPA like the IPAs that were common in the 1990s in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest that seem to have almost disappeared in favor of the much more tropical fruit and citrus IPAs of today. It has the assertive hop character that shocked and delighted me and made me fall in love with the new American IPA style and with my then-new home of Seattle and finishes with a little full sweetness to balance the hop character.