Farmhouse Saison

a bit tart

Brewed with pride for Pride, a light and fruity saison is perfect for celebrating equality and our Capitol Hill neighborhood. 6.6%

Story Behind the Name
We always knew we would make a beer with the word "pride" in the name, as is the tradition in Europe with London Pride. In our first year, we decided to make a beer for Gay Pride because Optimism is located in the traditionally gay neighborhood of Seattle.
Year round beer.
Official Style
Why We Don't Call It That
For stylists, it's a Saison. Saisons, French for "season" and pronounced "sayβ€’zon", were light beers brewed by farmhands during the winter when they weren't working in the field for themselves to drink during the hot farming season. Those beers were much lower in alcohol than today's saisons and they were fermented with less rigorous sanitation standards than today's beers so wild yeast from the farmhouse got into the beer giving it an unusual aromatic quality that is still a requirement of the style.
If you like...
wine, this beer is notoriously good at converting people who think they hate beer to loving it
Pilsner, Torrefied Wheat, 2-row, Munich, CaraFoam
Hallertau Mittelfruh, Saaz
Aromas & Flavors
Slightly fruity, herbal, spiced, light citrus, tangy, earthy
Key Comparisons
Other Notes
A blend of three German lightly-kilned malts, American barley malt and English wheat malt, combined with European noble hops and an aromatic, spicy yeast strain gives this easy-drinking ale a wonderful scent, that is equal parts fruity, earthy, and tart. We originally brewed this beer for Seattle Pride Month to benefit a local LGBTQ non-profit organization. We still do that but it was so popular we decided to make it year-round.