Rushmore (People Power)

Classic American Ale

graham cracker

The craft beer movement started in the West with this beer, decidedly American in flavor: anything is possible with hard work and freedom. 4.8%

Story Behind the Name
This is a classic American beer, just like the sculpture in South Dakota honoring the founding fathers; Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln. We think the complex but unified flavors of this beer harken to an American spirit of collaboration.
Hot Day or after work or all day beer; easy drinking
Official Style
American Pale Ale
Why Don't Call It That
American beers are as diverse as the people who drink them, so why reserve the term "American" for just one style?
If you like...
2-Row, Crystal
California Ale
Amber, like our waves of grain
Aromas & Flavors
Brown sugar, piney, bite of hop at the end, herbal, floral, classic, caramel
Key Comparisons
Other Notes
American base malt and American caramel malt combine to make a flavorful ale and hopped with the most classic American craft hop, Cascade. America invents a lot of things, but when it comes to something as old as beer a young thing like America couldn’t possibly invent a new beer in the 1980s, could it? Yes. A great American brewery, Sierra Nevada, invented the American Pale Ale and was one of the few breweries to ignite the modern beer movement in America which made America one of the great beer powers. With that kind of history, you can’t be an American brewery and not make an American Pale Ale. This is ours. Ok, maybe it’s a bit more than a Pale Ale, edging towards IPA because that’s the American way