Post-Work Ale

vanilla bean
light for a dark beer

Created as a beer for the working class, you deserve one after a day of hard work. 5.1%

Story Behind the Name
The beer style Porter was originally made for the porters that loaded and unloaded the ships at the dock. In other words, they were made for the hard laborers. Like most other jobs, we have "shifts" in the brewing industry, but we also have "shift beers," the one you are given at the end of your shift. Our name tries to highlight the history behind the style, the unique terminology of our industry, as well as touching upon the additional meaning of "shifting" your perspective to change things.
After work, but really anytime
Official Style
Why We Don't Call It That
If you like...
dark beers, coffee, malty beers
Maris Otter Pale, Coffee, Crystal, Chocolate
Chinook, Cascade
English Ale
Almost black
Aromas & Flavors
Roasty, honey, creamy coffee drink
Key Comparisons
It’s lighter and drier than Black
Other Notes
Deschutes Black Butte Porter was Gay's gateway beer to craft, and we wanted to make one in this style.
Too many people think that dark beers are heavy bodied or high in alcohol when they are not. We try to use our description of the beer to get people interested in taking a risk on a dark beer.