Core Values

Create yummy beer that people love to drink.

We love beer, it is the one thing we do. If it isn’t about beer, we shouldn’t be doing it. If the beer doesn’t meet our standards, we won’t share it. We don’t need to make weird beer or specific beers or only one kind of beer. We want to make lots of beer, well. Flavor, balance, quality and consistency is the key. If people don’t love it (lots of people, not just geeks), we need to adjust. Our beer is meant to be accessible.

Have fun and make fun, with care.

If we aren’t having fun we shouldn’t be doing it. Even cleaning should be fun. If the business isn’t on the way to making money, it is not fun either. Beer is social and we should be bringing fun to our customers as well. Still we want to do it responsibly.

Prove optimism.

Help those who are optimistic and prove that it works; pessimism doesn’t. Show you can have an effect on the world doing what you love. We run our business with that outlook and want to use our assets to celebrate others who are doing the same; that is oven accomplished through donating money, products or time, but can also just be through spreading the attitude to our customers through every interaction with them.


We love science and will use science and proven methods to make better beer. We want to automate boring, difficult, or unsafe practices so that we can concentrate on having more fun.

Involve people.

In the process, in the financials, in their own responsibilities, etc. Involve customers in the making of the beer. Open source and open books. Always explain WHY we do things and only do things that have a WHY we agree with. We trust our team members will make responsible decisions when they are appropriately informed and we want them to share in the business as a result. Everything is everyone's responsiblity. We never blame people for mistakes; mistakes always happen, we just look at them as opportunities to develop systems to prevent them in the future.

Give outstanding service.

Our customers are at the top of our business pyramid. We will make our customers happy and our beers accessible while treating both with the care they deserve. We take a long term view of our interactions with customers. Making our customers happy today even at a small loss or by going beyond expecations, will always lead to more customers in the future. We welcome feedback at every turn and look for special opportunities to connect with people and go the extra mile. We give great service to each other as well as our customers. We are a polite, supportive team.

No assholes

Please excuse the bluntness of that rule name, but it's the title of a very good book written by a respected business professor. We agree with the points of that book completely. Please also excuse the number of times it appears in this section. It may be a crass word, but there is no better word for it and it is a clear description to most people. Assholes represent the company negatively to the world. Assholes are not fun to work with and lower the overall morale of a company. Assholes are more concerned with their own goals than with the overall company's goals. We don't allow them inside our company and actively work to eliminate the behavior.

Be respectful to others

Everyone deserves respect and we hold our employees to a high standard of mutual respect. This applies both to interactions with customers as well as fellow employees. We believe that giving respect and getting respect go hand-in-hand. If you feel that you are not being treated respectfully by a fellow employee, please contact Troy or Gay immediately. Customers are expected to be respectful to Optimism employees as well as other customers. If you encounter a disrespectful customer, try to overlook it as some people are simply assholes and it is unlikely to be something you did. If it is not possible to overlook it, politely explain that you find their behavior disrespectful and politely request that they be more respectful. Belligerent customers should be politely asked to leave the brewery.