Customer Service

Our service mentality

  • What is the Optimism Experience and how do we ensure that we are consistently delivering it?
  • How do we act when on the tap room floor, what are the main objectives, what is the guest experience that we are looking for?
  • What role does the customer play in the brewery and how do the guests directly impact our jobs?(Hint - We all work for the guests!)
  • What things can we do that enhance the guest experience

Greeting customers

  • Greet people with eye contact and a warm smile within 90 seconds or when they are within 10' of the bar. Let someone know within 3 minutes that you will be with them soon. (Or something like that)
  • Make a connection with people. If you see someone in workout clothes, ask them if they just exercised, if you like someone's handbag or glasses tell them, ask if it is their first time visiting, and if so where are they from. It really makes people feel good.
  • How do we talk to the guests. Are there things that we don’t say? Do we have any key phrases that we all say. For example at Disney that all say “Have a magical day” when talking to the park guests.

Line Management

  • When you give someone their beer, ask if they are interested in eating. If so, let them know they can sit anywhere and what food truck is outside and where to find menus.

Language Matters

We have all know how frustrating it can be when for whatever reason, it is hard to communicate with someone or get your point across. Sometimes what we are trying to say gets lost in how we say it or even when we say it. Below are some guidelines that will all help us all in navigating how we communicate with our guest and ensure that they are consistently getting the Optimism Experience.

  • If a guest says thank you, you do not say "no problem". Good service should never be a problem. Always say "you're welcome". "No worries" is the Australian version of "no problem".
  • Try to not interrupt people who are in a conversation to ask them a question.
  • Don't greet people with "Hey", "S'up", "Howdy", "Hiya". And no "y'all" either.
  • "Are you done working on that" -- our beer is not "work". Just only take a 100% empty glass or say "may I clear your glass."
  • No nicknames for customers. I don't want to be called "man", "dude", "sir", etc. and I doubt women want to be called "ma'am". "Yes, sir" and "Yes, ma'am" are acceptable if the customer is angry and complaining, but say it with respect, not sarcastically.
  • Never ever flirt with a customer, no matter how attractive you may find them to be!

When Things Go Wrong

No matter how hard we all try to provide the best guest experience possible, there will always be situations that just don't go the way we planned. It can take some finesse to successfully deal with unhappy customers but it is a skill that everyone can master. Our ultimate goal is make a positive impact on our guests and create lifelong fans of Optimism Brewing.

  • Tips on how to deal with unhappy customers and deescalate a negative situation.
  • Check your ego. when someone is unhappy with you it can be very easy to get defensive and angry back. This will resolve nothing and simply escalate the situation.
  • What is the employee empowered to do and when do we get a manager involved. (I think that the employees should be empowered to fix almost any problem within reason.)
  • How to cut someone off and when to involve the police. Where do you document it.