I will add to this as we continue to decide on what our common terms will be. Some terms I just guessed at and am no way attached to to. I just wanted to use something as a place holder.

Optimism Brewing Company : A brewery located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle , WA where beer is brewed and served.

Beer: One of the Four Greatest Inventions for Mankind, which also include fire, the wheel and the internet. A carbonated beverage made with malted barley or wheat, water and hops and fermented with yeast and may also include other ingredients, such as fruit, spices, sugar, etc. What Optimism Brewing Co. makes and celebrates. Our only focus.

Guests : How we refer to the beer drinkers in our brewery.

Team Member/Worker : The term we use to refer to employees of Optimism Brewing.

Brewhouse : The area of the brewery where the beer is brewed. It is located on the black top floor and behind a gate. The guests are free to watch but are not allowed to enter for safety reasons.

Mill : The machine the crushes grain to prepare it to for brewing. It is located on the roof.

Cain-Vey : An enclosed tubular shaped conveyor belt that moves our grain from the loading dock to the roof and into the mill.

Tap Area : The area inside of the brewery where we sever our beers. Not to be confused with Brewpub, Tap House, Taproom, Sports Bar, or Pub as we are none of these.

Dining Room : The entire common area in which our guests are able to enjoy our beers while in the Brewery

East Wing : The east section of the dining room along E. Union which consists of communal tables and chairs, and a kids area.

West Wing : The west section of our dining area which mainly consists of high top tables and chairs, and standing room for enjoying our beers.

Counter : The long wooden structure that we stand behind to serve our beers. Not to be confused with a bar, which is often found in a brewpub, which again we are not.

Cold Room : The large refrigerated room located behind the Brewhouse. Filled kegs, among other things, are stored here.

Service Cold Room : The smaller refrigerated room behind the counter where kegs and growlers are stored for service.

Drink Rail : The long ledge along the interior of the building where guests are encouraged to set their beers while socializing in the brewery.

Employee Entrance : The door along Broadway Court where all Optimism Brewing employees will come and go. It is is the only door with an exterior keypad or lock. Because why would we want ugly locks on all of our exterior doors?

Employee Lockers : A secure area for employees to store their belongings. Located in the room right in front of the employee entrance.

Employee Break Area : Located someplace. There is a refrigerator, microwave and ADD LATER, for the employees to use.

Loading Dock : The multipurpose outdoor space located along Broadway Court used for deliveries, food trucks, and outdoor seating.

Bay Door : The large garage door the opens up the loading dock to the rest of the building.

Lab : The room located upstairs with the tall narrow window. Beer making magic happens in here.

Sensory Room : The small room located upstairs between the lab and the offices where employees and guests will have the opportunity to enhance and test their sensory abilities.

Office : A room upstairs that overlooks the employee entrance. It’s main function is administrative and none too exciting.

Kitchen : A room that other facilities use to cook food. We don't have one of these and never will.

Dishwasher : Located at the east end of the counter. It is primarily used for washing glasses.

Menu Books : Binders located in the dining room that contain menus for the surrounding restaurants. Guests are free to order delivery or bring in outside food.

Barley : A malted grain that gives beer color, flavor and the natural sugars needed for fermentation, among other things. : The name of a friendly English Bulldog that you will see around the brewery from time to time.