Keg Filling

  1. Test the carbonation of the tank using the Zahm-Nagel. Always want to confirm the carbonation level in the tank before we package the beer.
  2. It is best to fill cold kegs because the will fill faster? or is it because they maintain temp? can't remember.
  3. Sanitize all parts with a full dip in the :

    • Manifold
    • All keg couplers and gauges
    • All hoses
  4. Spray the Bright Tank inlet butterfly valve with sanitizing solution.

  5. Hook up manifold, hoses and couplers to the BBT tank
  6. Verify that all CO2 inlets are closed on the bright tank and head pressure is between XX-XXpsi on the tank.
  7. Bring out a set of empty kegs on a pallet on the walkie stacker in front of the bright tank. (Kegs will be too heavy to lift after they are filled.)
  8. Spray the Sankey valves on the kegs you are about to hook up with sanitizer
  9. Verify the CO2 and beer valves are closed, and that the ball in the air valve is at the bottom of the chamber. If it is stuck at the top the keg will not fill properly.
  10. Attach the coupler the kegs, engage, and then open the CO2 valve first, and then the beer valve SLOWLY until beer begins to flow.
  11. It will take about 7 minutes to fill the kegs. One might fill faster than the others, but it is best to let all finish filling first before moving on, because starting a new keg just moves the CO2 first...
  12. Once the kegs are full some beer will spill out the chamber and that will stop the filling operation.
  13. Close the beer valve and decouple the keg, and move to the next set of kegs. (You do not need to close the gas side because WHY?
  14. After you finish a pallet you will need to hose off the sankey valves and the sides of the kegs
  15. Update Vorlauf so that the kegs filled are marked with the beer you just put in them.
  16. Put the kegs in the Keg Cold Room.

What to do when you near the end of the tank

If you are filling 3 (50L) kegs at a time and the sight glass shows around 1-2HL remaining, you could run into a problem of running out of beer before all kegs are filled. The safest thing to do is start fililng one keg at a time. That way, only one keg will end up with less than a full keg. Any less than full keg needs to be marked as such in Vorlauf and it must be used in our tap room (not sent to a customer).

When you are done filling

  1. Put the Walkie Stacker away. Be sure to turn it of and plug it in.
  2. Close the butterfly valve on the Bright tank
  3. Disconnect the filling pieces and rinse parts thoroughly
  4. Open the valve on the butterfly tank in the even there is any more left over beer