Keg Washing

We have a Premier Stainless Keg Washer. You can find their manual here [Todo: insert link]. We need to clean, sanitize and fill our kegs with CO2 before we fill them with beer. Here are the steps to use the keg washer:

  1. Turn on the keg washer, and wait for the detergent water to come up to XXΒ° C temperature.
  2. Check the Ph of the detergent water it should be very base, or XX. If you need new detergent water, you should:
    1. Drain the detergent tank.
    2. Rinse it out with hot water from the hose (hot water to rinse detergent always).
    3. Fill to the Fill line on the sight glass located the other side of the tank from the drain.
    4. Add XX of Brewery Detergent to the tank. Remember always add water to detergent. This represents a XXX dilution.
    5. Prime the Acid Tank Pump. INSERT STEPS HERE FOR THAT
  3. Check the Ph of the acid water. It should be very acidic, or XX. If you need new acid water, you should:
    1. Drain the acid tank.
    2. Rinse it out with hot? water for the hose.
    3. Fill to the fill line on the sight glass lcoated on the other side of the tank from the drain.
    4. Add XX acid to the tank. This represents a XXX dilution of acid into water. Remember always add acid to water.
    5. Prime the acid tank pump
  4. Check that your Sanitizing Solution is full. You will use 8oz of solution for every run of 3 kegs; so you will need 1 gal of sanitizer solution for every batch of 48 kegs. Because the washer dispenses 8oz of sanitizer solution into 5 gals of water and circulates that through the 3 kegs, you need to dilute the sanitizer. When you use peracetic acid, it calls for a 1-1.7oz dilution into 5 gals of water -- we are putting 1.25 oz into our dilution right now. This means that you need 1.25oz for every 8oz of water in the sanitizing solution. So in English:

    • 128oz in a gallon / 8oz of solution dispensed each time = 16 units
    • 16 x 1.25 oz of acid = 20oz of acid
    • 128oz - 20oz of acid = 108oz of water into the bucket
    • 20 oz of acid to pour on top (acid into water)

    In Metric:

  5. Verify that the unit has come up to temperature.
  6. Verify the drain hose is hooked up properly.
  7. Verify all keg couplers are closed
  8. Attach the coupler to the keg.
  9. Open both coupler valves
  10. Place the keg upside down on the washer, making sure that you are not uncoupling the keg.
  11. Repeat for all 3 kegs
  12. Press Factory Wash
  13. Press Start. It takes approximately 7 minutes to wash the kegs.
  14. When the wash is complete, lift the keg down.
  15. Close both coupler valves before uncoupling the keg.
  16. Uncouple the keg, and repeat for the other two kegs.
  17. Use Vorlauf to mark the keg cleaned.


Foaming on the water tank? This happened to us previously and it was because we were using the regular star san and not the non-foaming variety. Now we use peracitic acid to keep the foaming down. **