To Make Enjoyable Beer with Optimism for the World

TODO: post a blog post and link to that post about how we decided on this Mission statement. There we can discuss a bunch of what we we are *not saying and why. I don't want to emphasize the negatives here or on our website where we say it. TODO: find a better word than enjoyable? I think we could get a better word than “enjoyable”, but it says what I mean. Also like yummy, but sounds childish, but maybe that is ok.*

We want to make beer that people like to drink, not to reach some abstract level of excellence, to win awards, etc. and to avoid the cliches like “high-quality”, "first-rate", "outstanding", etc. Beer, and all kinds of it, is 100% of our focus, but if that is all we wanted to acomplish we could have stopped the mission statement right there. Doing our work "with optimism" means we are “having fun”. We are engaged in pride in our own work and positivity when we do it together, i.e., with the people of Optimism Brewing Co. Of course, our optimism doesn't stop at the walls of our building, we believe optimism is the key value in making the world a better place. Optimists change the world, we will celebrate them and share that value in everything we do, which again is making beer for the world.