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Our brewery & beer hall is open 7 days a week

monday - thursday 12-11
friday - saturday 12-12
sunday 12 - 9

Our brewery is located on Seattle's Capitol Hill  

We love Capitol Hill because of its vibrancy and diversity. Gay and Troy chose to live and raise their children on Capitol Hill and, likewise, they want to raise their business here as well. We wanted to build a brewery for our neighborhood. Capitol Hill is also one of the most densely-populated neighborhoods on the west coast of the United States, so locating our brewery here helps us to get diverse feedback about our beers from a wide group of people, which helps us to make our beer better.   

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About our Building

We searched for more than a year to find a space appropriate for a brewery. We eyed this building when it was under contract to be demolished and turned into a mixed-use apartment building. Luckily, that deal fell through and we were able to save it from the wrecking ball. It wasn’t until after we bought it that we learned of its roots in beer. Optimism is located in a 100-year-old warehouse space that was originally built by one of the founders of the Rainier Brewery.

History lesson: Three breweries merged (Bayview Brewing, Albert Braun Brewing and Sweeny-Claussen) to create Seattle Brewing and Malting, maker of Rainier beer, which pre-Prohibition was the sixth largest brewery in the world and the largest on the West coast. However, Sweeny's wife got into the Temperance Movement, and at her urging, they divested themselves of their holdings in the brewery just in time to develop our building to make and service the new industry of automobiles.

We are Kid-Friendly

We love kids. We have a few ourselves, so we built the brewery we would want to go to. There is a kids play area in the back of the east side of the beer hall, and there is a very separate seating area with bar-height tables on the west side, so child-free guests can have their own space as well.

We believe it is important that families have a casual place to drink a beer, and that children see that alcohol can be enjoyed responsibly. Prohibition era laws forced alcohol underground and we need to change some of those laws.

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We are Dog-Friendly

We love dogs too, and dogs love our heated concrete floors! Dogs are welcome throughout our space, as long as they remain on leashes and in control of their owners at all times.


We just make beer -- we always say, "one business is enough." While we don't serve food ourselves, but we have a food truck parked in our beer garden daily. We appreciate it when you support our family-owned food trucks, and our local restaurants, but you are welcome to bring in your own food from home as well. In all cases, we simply ask that you clean up after yourselves at our self-busing stations.

The only non-alcoholic beverage we serve is our housemade sparkling water, Clear. You may bring in non-alcoholic beverages from home (the food trucks usually have something as well); however you may not bring in any outside alcohol.



Have Your Event at Optimism

Yes, we do take table reservations and book special events for large parties. You can find all the information about hosting events with us, as well as learn about our upcoming community events here.

Our Bathrooms are Awesome

Bathrooms don't usually make the website, but ours are so awesome we think they are worth the visit.  All gender bathrooms are the best use of resources because they make all fixtures available to all visitors instead of arbitrarily segregating by gender.  Our individual rooms for everyone is more private and comfortable. It is easier for parents to accompany their opposite gender kids to the restroom when all genders are together. No one can discriminate as to whether someone is using the correct gender-segregated bathroom.  Unisex is safer.

Plus, when everyone is watching, we believe that more people wash their hands.


A Couple of Details About Our Beer Hall...

We only accept plastic or digital payments (that means credit cards, ApplePay or Android Pay).  We are cash-free for many reasons, but the most important ones are that it is safer for our team and our line moves faster as a result.

We are tip-free.  This is such a big part of our culture, we have a whole page explaining why no tipping.