Optimism makes challenging things seem possible. Optimism is the will to challenge yourself, to embrace and learn from failure, to stay positive. Optimism is progress. Optimism is positive. Optimism is rewarding. Optimism is fun. Optimism makes the world a better place.

We believe a company should personify the ideals and personalities of the founders and the culture should be built around those ideals. Like everyone who tries to do anything challenging, we make a lot of mistakes, get hit with bad luck, struggle and fail. We fail far more often than we succeed. When we fail, our optimism helps us embrace the failure and try to learn from it. When we do succeed, we don’t believe it is because we are smart or because we are lucky or because we have some inherent talent, we recognize that it is simply because we have optimism – we always believed we could succeed so we don’t stop until we do. Optimism makes it that simple, even though it’s not easy.