Why pouring is important

Is a chef's plating of a dish important? Of course. The way a beer is poured has tremendous effect on how a beer is perceived and tastes. A flat beer with no head in an improper glass tastes bad can make the same beer taste terrible. We need to honor our recipe by giving each beer its best presentation.

How to pour a beer

  1. Use the appropriate glass
  2. Rinse the glass. Rinsing the glass is important to remove
  3. Hold glass at 45 degree angle, one inch below the tap faucet.
  4. Grip tap handle near the base, pull forward to the fully open position to start the flow of beer. Never open beer tap part-way as this causes foaming.
  5. Let the beer run down the side until glass half full.
  6. While continuing to pour gently tilt glass upright and pour down the middle to create approximately 1 inch of foam head on the beer as the pour finishes.
  7. Close faucet as foam cap reaches the top of the glass to prevent beer waste.

You should have a nice 3/4-1" head at the top of each glass. Foam should be smooth and the head should be made up of tiny bubbles not large ones.

Why is foam important


What NOT to Do

  1. Never put tap faucet in contact with the glass or allow it to become submerged in the beer. This will cause the faucet to become a sticky mess and breeding ground for bacteria.
  2. No tip and dumps, just wait. Pouring beer sometimes takes patience. It is very tempting when you are getting too much foam to just tip the glass and let foam run down the drain, but the foam is BEER! Don't throw away the product. You either need to adjust the regulator in the Serving Cold Room or you just need to wait. There are times when a beer will pour slightly foamy and that is ok. Don't rush a masterpiece.