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Draft Beer


Pouring Beer

Tasting Room Service

… aka how to run a shift, aka what I would put if we had roles. I think this section should be at the beginning of the service/operations section and should talk about our “staffing style” so to speak. Mainly the lack of traditional roles in the brewery, why we do this and how it empowers the employees. I think it will set the tone and possibly change the way people will interact with the procedures below given that we are all responsible for everything. It is the responsibility of each team, on each shift to decide how they want to accomplish all of this. Shift changes - what/why we do them. Think about the “pre shift” , do we do them and if so how? Possibly a chart about what gets done during a shift? Introduce and link the opeing/closing checklist. Still thinking about all of this…

Daily Quality Control

Knowing how to pour a beer is only part of delivering a great product. A daily quality control check of each of our draft beers is the key to consistently delivering beer that people will love to drink. This should happen each morning before we are open for service. If you need a refresher on the characteristic of our beers you can find that information here. If at anytime you find that one of our beers is not up to standards and you are unable to identify and or fix the problem, please don't hesitate to ask for help.

  1. Pour beer into a freshly rinsed 4 oz glass
  2. Observe - Start by looking at the head on the beer, is it as you would expect? Unless the style calls for a haze, most beers should be clear and bright. Obviously this is easier to do with pale beers, whereas darker colored beers could be masking a haze. (do we do the flashlight thing?) If you do see a haze, let the sit for a minute or two and see if it goes away as it warms. If it does then it is just a chill haze, which is nothing to worry about and is know to occur in craft beers. If the haze doesn't go away, or is accompanied by small “snowflakes”, you could have a spoiled beer. This could be cause by letting a cold keg of beer get warm and then re-chill, or it could be a sign of infection in the beer, possibly from a dirty tap line. You can find more detailed information on trouble shooting draft issues here.
  3. Smell - Gently swirl your beer in its glass, as this will release more of the aromas, and then smell it. Hopefully it will smell exactly as you expect it to, which is like beer! But it is possible that you will notice an off-aroma. If you smell butter, soured milk, cheese, or any animal-like aroma, there is a chance that there is something wrong with the tap lines. See this section on troubleshooting draft issues on how to resolve it. For more detailed information on off-aromas see our section on Sensory Analysis
  4. Taste - Sip the beer, and without swallowing, take note of what you taste. If you taste a sounds in anything other than a Sour Beer or a Belgian, it is possible that you have a dirty tap line. Also pay attention to the carbonation level and mouthfeel. Is it as you expected for this particular beer? After you have tasted the beer and noted the mouth feel, please spit it out.

TODO: Make this a chart instead and see what other/different information is needed. Do we want to talk about what you do if the beers fail QC? I think with as often as we are going to clean the tap lines that there isn't much chance of them getting infected. I think that dirty glasses will be our biggest hurdle, which will be hard to see in a 4oz pour, but it is a lot of waste to do a full size each day. Maybe pour it into the appropriate glass but only half full?

Opening & Closing the Counter for Service

TODO: Add link to the google checklist and write intro


  1. Remove all caps from the taps
  2. Turn on the dishwasher so that it will be ready for service
  3. Check the temperature on the service cold room and log it. If it is at 38 degrees you may move on.
  4. Review and familiarize yourself with all of the current beers on tap. Detailed information on our beers can be found here
  5. Quality control all beers on tap. Detailed instructions can be found here. If all of the beers are ready for service, move on. If they are not passing, trouble shooting information can be found here.
  6. Check stock levels and organization of glassware and ensure you have enough for service
  7. Check stock levels of sample trays and inset paper. If you are out of paper cut more, if you are low on paper cut more during downtime as side work.
  8. Prepare a sanitizer bucket for the counter and both bus stations. The sanitizing solution can be found SOMEPLACE
  9. Open your register for service. Detailed steps can be found here


  1. Follow last call procedures. Detail information can be found here.
  2. Do a full sweep of the dining area and collect all remaining dirty glasses as they all must be washed prior to leaving for the evening. Once all of the glasses are collected, organize them into racks for washing and start the first load.
  3. Close your register for the evening. Detailed instructions can be found here
  4. Each of the tap handles should be wiped down and the taps themselves will be covered. The tap covers can be found SOMEWHERE
  5. After the taps are cleaned and capped, flush out the drip tray with hot water until clean.
  6. If the drip tray grates are sticky they can be ran through the dishwater. You will need to locate the flat dishwashing rack to do this
  7. Check stock levels in the cold service room and restock if needed
  8. Windex the glass doors to the service cold room, if necessary.
  9. When all glassware is clean, dismantle and clean the dishwasher. Detailed instructions can be found here
  10. The entire bar and dish area will now get one final wipe down. The sinks should be clean and dry and the counter is free from spills and stickiness.
  11. When all surfaces are clean you can dump out the sanitizing buckets and place the bar towel in the laundry, which is located SOMEPLACE.


At this time Optimism Brewing Co only accepts credit cards to purchase beers in our tap area. Yes, you read that right, we do not accept cash! We will be using Square to ring in all of our transactions.

Mobile Orders

Food Trucks

We have space in the loading dock for two food trucks to park parallel along the South wall. All inquiries into can be directed to our

  • Power needs
  • What to do if a food truck doesn't show up. Who to call.
  • What to tell people who inquire about having their food trucks at Optimism.

Checking Identification

The Brewery is open to people of all ages, however only our guests that are 21 years of age or older may consume our beers.

When checking identification please adhere to the following mandatory guidelines set by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

ID Requirements

Identification MUST be valid (not expired) They must show the bearer's date of birth, They must how the bearer's signature (except US Military ID – see below) They must include a photograph of the Bearer

Types of Acceptable ID

  • Driver’s License, Instruction Permit, or I.D. Card issued by any U.S. State, U.S. Territory and District of Columbia.
  • Driver’s License, Instruction Permit, or I.D. Card issued by any Canadian Province
  • Valid Washington State Temporary Driver’s License
  • U.S. Armed Forces I.D. Card (Encrypted signature acceptable) Merchant Marine I.D. Card issued by the U.S. Coast Guard Official Passport Washington State Tribal Enrollment Card (No expiration date required)

Last Call

We love our guests, without them none of us would have a job! However all good things must come to an end, even drinking beer. Our last call procedures are designed to let the guest know in a friendly way that it is time to finish their beers and continue their evening elsewhere. We never want to make them feel like we want them to leave, even if that is exactly what we what!

In the event that 30 minutes prior to our scheduled closing, the Tap Area is full and everyone is in good spirits (e.g., no mean drunk people) then it may be decided to stay open for an additional hour or so. This will always be clearly communicated to all Team Members working.

Occasionally last call can be a challenge. Unfortunately not all adults make the best choices surrounding their alcohol consumption. At Optimism we do everything in our power to encourage responsible drinking and to prevent over service. If you are encountering difficulty getting a guest to leave, or they are wanting a beer after last call, please see our section on dealing with drunk people for guidelines on how to navigate this situation.

Last Call Steps

  1. 45 Minutes prior to closing kindly let guest know that there is no rush, but last call will be in approximately 15 minutes. This is to give them ample time to finish their beers and have a second if they wish.
  2. 30 minutes prior to closing you will press the * Last Call * button on the light switch behind the counter. Over the course of the next half hour the lights will gradually brighten until they are at full brightness
  3. 30 Minutes prior to closing one team member will do a sweep of the facility and let all remaining guests know that it is last call to purchase a final beer.
  4. 15 minutes prior to closing we will stop serving beers. At this time one team member will lock the North and East doors, and close the loading dock gates.
  5. At closing time the lights should be at full brightness and it is ok to turn off the music
  6. Kindly let any remain guests know that we are now closed. Always thank them for their patronage and invite them to come back again.

    TODO: Find the min temps needed, if there are any…