Washing Glasses

Sorting Glassware

Each glass needs to be washed in the appropriate rack for its size. Customers will generally bus their glassware the bus stations, but will not turn them upside down the way they needs to be washed in the dishwasher. When you bring a racks of glassware back from the bus stations or on trays from tables, sort them into the appropriate racks and turn them upside down over the sink. This expells all the extra liquid into the sink, and sorts the glasses into the appropriate color coded racks before washing instead of afterwards so there are fewer hands on our clean glasses.

If racks of dirty dishes need to wait to go into the dishwasher, stack them on the floor to the left of the dishwashers. We hope this isn't the case.

Using the Hobart Dishwashers

  1. Place the rack into the washer and push the start button. The start button does a "wine glass, i.e. a light glass wash". The wash and heat dry cycle will last approximately 2 minutes. It is important to let the "condensing cycle finish as this is the energy saving part.
  2. When the cycle is complete open the door and remove the rack. Often it will still be slightly damp. If that is the case, place the rack on top of the drain board while you load the next rack. WE ARE TRYING TO DECIDE IF WE WILL SIMPLY LET WET GLASSES DRY IN THE FIRST SECTION OF STORAGE. NEED TO TEST AND SEE HOW MUCH DRIPPING OCCURS. WE MAY WANT TO LOAD TOP TO BOTTOM WHICH IS COUNTER INTUITIVE BECAUSE THE DRIPS WILL DRY BEFORE THE ONE IS LOADED BELOW.
    1. if you have a particularly dirty set of glasses, use the "Advansys" button which is a preprogrammed secret link to the Coffee Cup/heavy soiled glassware wash
  3. When the rack of clean glasses is no longer dripping water it is ready to be moved to the service area under the counter.
  4. Glasses should be cooled to room temperature before being used for service. WE SHOULD TIME HOW LONG THIS TAKES FOR EACH GLASS TYPE.

TODO: Add pictures

Troubleshooting Dirty Glassware

If you are consistently seeing glasses come out of the dishwasher that are not beer clean you should follow the troubleshooting steps below.

  1. Check the drains. BOTH of them
  2. Check that the dishwasher is on the correct setting. You can do this by...
  3. Check the chemical levels of the dishwasher and replace if necessary.
  4. With the dishwasher empty, run a full clean cycle

TODO: look up dishwasher information in manual and add pictures.

Three Compartment Sink

In the unlikely event that both of our dishwasher are out of service, all of our glassware will need to be washed using the three compartment sink located in the brewery area.

TODO Insert a 3 compartment sink graphic here.

  1. Setup a bucket for your dump sink. Empty any remaining beer in the glass into the bucket.
  2. Sink 1 is your Detergent Sink: Wash in sink one with hot water, suds less soap, and a brush. How much detergent?
  3. Rinse in sink 2 with hot water, heel in, heel out (cicerone says cold, health people say hot)
  4. Rinse in sink 3 with sanitizer. We will use StarSan which requires XX oz into a 3/4 full sink? and only a second of contact for sanitizing.
  5. Dry on rack so air circulates inside (If we are using the sink wash method, it is more important to rinse glasses to remove sanitizer from the glass before pouring.)