A brewery under construction in Seattle. Opening early 2015.

Mon Oct 06 2014

Continuing construction

We have a hole in the roof where the grist case will go. Seen through the hole is part of the new roof decking that will also be removed.

The mill room will be directly above the grist case which will be directly above the mash tun to take advantage of gravity, whose reliability is tough to beat. The ceiling isn't tall enough so we are building a structure on top of the building to house the mill room. That structure will also house the brewhouse boiler, locating it directly above and as close as possible to the brewhouse.

The cold room is framed. This will be an insulated room to store our filled kegs:

View from on top of the cold room looking down into the brewery area, where we will have a mezzanine area:

...and out to the new courtyard:

To get new electrical feed into the building, the city is requiring us to go underground. This is a new idea in Seattle. Seattle has above-ground electrical wiring throughout the city and the reasoning for this, besides being less expensive to install, was that above-ground wiring was mroe resilient during earthquakes. Apparently, one (or both?) of these reasons isn't true anymore as Seattle has begun an effort to move all electrical underground and Broadway in Capitol Hill is one of the first to get it. Going underground means that we have to dig up the sidewalk and dig a big hole to house a concrete vault for the transformer.

Mon Sep 15 2014

TTB License Approved

We are officially licensed by the TTB. We filed it on May 1, so it took 4.5 months (137 days), twice as long as we were expecting. Once our equipment is installed, we can have Washington State's Liquor Control Board come to inspect it and give us a state license. That should happen within a week after installing the equipment. The brewhouse and cellar equipment is currently scheduled to be delivered and installed October 2-8. So we could/should be brewing the first batches of beer in the second half of October.

Wed Sep 10 2014

Brewery Slab Poured

The brewery floor concrete slab has been poured and is curing. Next up for the brewery floor is for Cascade Floors to put the coating on it. The brewhouse will be in front of the two wood posts and the two rows of Unitanks will be behind them:

One of the two trench drains: