A brewery under construction in Seattle. Opening early 2015.

Mon Sep 15 2014

TTB License Approved

We are officially licensed by the TTB. We filed it on May 1, so it took 4.5 months (137 days), twice as long as we were expecting. Once our equipment is installed, we can have Washington State's Liquor Control Board come to inspect it and give us a state license. That should happen within a week after installing the equipment. The brewhouse and cellar equipment is currently scheduled to be delivered and installed October 2-8. So we could/should be brewing the first batches of beer in the second half of October.

Wed Sep 10 2014

Brewery Slab Poured

The brewery floor concrete slab has been poured and is curing. Next up for the brewery floor is for Cascade Floors to put the coating on it. The brewhouse will be in front of the two wood posts and the two rows of Unitanks will be behind them:

One of the two trench drains:

Mon Sep 01 2014

Preparing the Brewery Slab

It's been delayed many weeks because of mistakes our plumber made (we replaced him), but we're getting ready to pour the slab for the brewery floor. Here you can see the form for the floor constructed, almost ready for the concrete:

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