Optimism is the way to live, make beer and grow a company

Optimism drives everything we do—how we work, engage with our customers and treat our employees. We want to promote optimism and celebrate optimists, because they are the ones who improve the world. We can’t cure cancer or fix homelessness, but we can make beer for those who are trying and use beer to do good. Plus optimists have more fun.

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Choose Optimism

Our mission is to make craft beer easy to understand (and drink), that’s why we use alternative style nomenclature. Balance, quality and consistently are the foundation of all our beers. Remembering the roots of beer, we work to make craft beer more accessible.


We're Serious About Science

We have a modern, hi-tech approach to brewing. We run our own lab where we track, test and analyze our beer throughout the brewing process.


We do what’s right, not what’s easy.

We question the status quo to improve the way beer and business is done. We strive to do the best thing, and many times that means pushing the boundaries on what’s easy, comfortable or widely accepted—whether its our no-tipping practice to gender neutral bathrooms.

The world doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.