Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve a table or book a special party?

Of course, click here for reservations for large parties.

Why no tipping?

Most people do not like tipping because it is an awkward and confusing social norm, it has become a requirement rather than an option, it involves math and it does not improve the quality of service (in fact, there is overwhelming evidence that it decreases the quality of service). Because tipping is a poor way to treat employees and customers Optimism has a no-tipping policy.

Why all-gender bathrooms?

  1. It is the best use of resources to make all water closets available to all visitors at all times instead of arbitrarily segregating into two sets. (Men generally only use the urinals so any toilet in the mens room was never getting used.)

  2. Individual rooms for everyone is more private and comfortable.

  3. Unisex bathrooms are not discriminatory. Because everyone uses the same room, no one can judge whether someone else is using the correct gender segregated bathroom, and so it is safer for everyone as a result.

  4. It is easier for parents to accompany their opposite gender kids to the restroom when all genders are together.

  5. When everyone is watching, more people will wash their hands afterwards, because no one will want to be perceived as skipping it.

Do you have a gluten-free option?

Yes, we have a craft cider on tap, just ask at the counter.  It isn't on our menu, simply because we don't make it, but it is always available and always made in Washington by an independent and locally-owned cidery.  Go Washington Craft!

Is your beer vegan?

Legitimate question.  Many breweries use gelatin (derived from animal collagen) or isinglass (derived from fish bladders) to clarify their beers.  For the beers that we clarify -- not all of them are -- we use biofine, which is 100% vegan.  However, our sour series, Solar Punk, is soured with cultures from cow milk yogurt.

Any other questions?

Ask us.